Proclamations & Directives

Amendement to manner and criteria of transacting-Reinsurance

Amendment of Fine for Non Compliance with Directives No SIB/27/2004

Authorize a takeful window operater

Insurance bussiness proclumation ammended

Insurance Corporate Governance Directives No SIB/42/2015


Limits on Board Renumeration & No of Employees who Seat on a Board Directives No SIB/43/2016

Manner & Criteria of Transacting Reinsurance Directives No SIB/44/2016

Margin of Solvency Directives No SIB/45/2016

Monitoring the Nationality of Shareholders of an Insurer & a Reinsurer Directives No SIB/41/2015


Proclamation-no/799/2013-vehicle-insurance-against-third-party-risks-proclamation (1)


Licensing & Supervision of Micro Insurance Business

Social Health Insurance proclamation no/690/2010

Licensing & Supervision of Reinsurance Business


Amendment of Opening of Branches Directive No. SIB/8/1995

Amendment of Prohibition of Issuance of Certain Types of Bonds by Insurance Companies Directive No. SIB/24/2004

Emergency Travel Health Insurance Directive No. SIB/28/2004

Information Exchange Scheme on Outstanding Premium Directive NO. SIB/36/2013

Insurance & Reinsurance Business Fraud Monitoring Directive NO. SIB/39/2014

Insurance Brokers Code of Conduct Directive No. SIB/9/1995

Investment of Insurance Funds Directive No. SIB/25/2004

Licensing Of Insurance Actuary Directive No. SIB/11/1996

Licensing Of Insurance Agent Directive No. SIB/30/2007

Licensing of Insurance Broker Directive NO. SIB/31/2010

Licensing Of Insurance Loss Assessors & Loss Adjustors Directive No. SIB/12/1996

Licensing of Insurance Surveyors Directive No. SIB/22/2002

Manner of Computing Margin of Solvency for Insurance Companies Directive No. SIB/26/2004

Minimum paid up Capital for Insurers Directive NO. SIB/34/2013

Requirements for Licensing & License Renewal of Insurance Business Directive NO. SIB/33/2013

Requirements for Persons with Significant Influence in an Insurer Directive NO. SIB/32/2012

Time Limit for Reduction andor Relinquishing Shareholdings Directive NO. SIB/35/2013







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The AEI is the voice of the Ethiopian insurance and long-term savings industry. A productive, inclusive and thriving sector, Have over 19 member companies, was formed in 1990 and is funded by members’ subscriptions on a not-for-profit basis. Our members are major tax contributors, all our members agree to our compulsory codes of conduct.